Inline Process Instruments for the Detection of
Oil in Water, Colour, UV- Absorption and Turbidity.

Our instruments are available for use in hazardous area. Hygienic designed sensors are available for use in food-, biotech- and pharmaceutical applications. Due to the almost countless applications we can produce the sensors as well in different materials, to fit your specific application. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any question.
Basic background information will be found here! 

  • Oil on Water
    Oil monitoring with extreme high sensitivity (0,1ml/m² [CPL220]), models FLUCOmat (FLU-103) & IRmat (IR21).
  • Ultrasonic Turbidimeter
    Measurement probe with wide span of ranges from 0 to 1mg/l up to 20000mg/l , model AS3/AT3
    Typical applications: turbidity, oil in condensate, oil in cooling water, etc.
  • Scattered light Turbidimeter
    Turbidimeter optimally suited for use in low ranges of  0-0.1 to 0-1000mg/l, models MoniTurb and TurbiLab.
  • Absorption Turbidimeter
    Inline photometer ideal for use in concentration ranges of about 0-100 to 0-50000mg/l,
    models TURBImat, MoniSpec-A, AP2, LAS, ...
  • Colour Photometer
    Inline VIS-/NIR- Photometer to detect the colour concentration of liquids, models MoniSpec-AD and UVS-1
    Measurement of Hazen colour, APHA colour, ASTM colour, Saybolt colour, Gardener, ..., etc.
  • UV- Photometer
    Inline UV- Photometer for use in industrial environments, MoniSpec-UV, MoniSpec-UVd
    and our new insertion probe model UVS-1 with LED technology. 
    Measurement of SAC​​, TOC, COD, COD, proteins, ..., etc. 

We measure Inline! 

Oil monitoring   +  Turbidimetry  +  UV-, VIS-, NIR- Photometry  + Ultrasonic Concentation
APHA - ASTM - Saybolt - Hazen - ppm - % - mg/l - EBC - NTU - TEF - AU - FTU - OD