Oil in Water - Inline Color Photometry - Process Trubidimetry

Inline process measurement technology custom tailored to your individual application !

Prozess Fotometer Modell MoniSpec-C
Oil in Water Turbidimetry Photometry


  • Chemical Industry

  • Petro Chemical Industry

  • Biotechnology

  • Galvanic

  • Brewing Technology

  • Food & Beverage

Real-time monitoring of:

  • Oil in water

  • Oil on water

  • Oil in condensate

  • Turbidity

  • Color

  • UV- / VIS- / NIR- absorption

Oil in Water, Turbidimetry, Photometry

Quality and innovation are at the core of our commitment in developing and manufacturing precision instruments. Our strict focus on technical developements, customer service, and expert consultation enables us to provide custom tailored products for your specific applications. As pioneers in optical process instruments, we produce a diverse range of cutting-edge measurement devices designed for precise measurements of turbidity, color, and oil in water. Our pursuit of improvement ensures that our products meet the unique demands of your applications, setting new standards in accuracy and reliability.

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