Inline Process Nephelometer Model MoniTurb-C-S


The inline process nephelometer model MoniTurb-C-S measures the turbidity of liquid products.

The sensor is configurable for measurements according to DIN 7027 (DIN EN 27027), US EPA standard or MEBAK.

Scales: ppm, EBC, NTU, FTU, TEF, …
Main applications: Filter monitoring / filtration control, drinking water, product quality.

Measuring of Turbidity:

Turbidity is not a clearly defined variable such as temperature, weight or pressure. Turbidity is a subjective impression and therefore turbidimeters are typically calibrated with a reference standard such as formazine

Measuring principle:

The inline turbidity sensor model MoniTurb-C-S uses the principle of 90° side scattering to detect turbidity in liquids.
Side scattered turbidimeter are also referred as nephelometer or hazemeter.
The scattered light method is used for turbidity meters in a measuring range from approx. 0-1ppm to 0-4000ppm. However, this specification can vary greatly depending on the application and the product to be measured. When measuring scattered light, a distinction is made between forward scattering, sideways scattering (nephelometry) and reflection.

Inline Turbidimeter Modell MoniTurb-C-S
Inline Process Nephelometer model MoniTurb-C-S
Turbidimetry Transmitter Model C1
Measuring Transmitter Turbidimeter C1

Features of the measuring system:

Low maintenance / long service life:
– Compensation of eventual coatings at the measuring windows.
– Compensation of color changes in the measured product.
Calibration / maintenance interval typically 24 months (depending on application):
– As a rule, calibration is required every 24 months
– However, the calibration interval depends by measuring range and application.
NIR LED, service life approx. 5 years:
– The high power LED and typically has a service life of around 5 years.
– Alternatively, a gas-filled full spectrum measuring lamp is available with a service life of approx. 1-2 years.
Use in Ex-Zone I & Ex-Zone II (ATEX-Ex d IIC / T6):
The optional Ex equipment allows, installation in hazardous area.
Wetted material stainless steel 1.4404 / 316L:
– The measuring cell is typically made of stainless steel.
– Other materials such as titanium, Hastelloy, Peek, carbon fiber-reinforced PTFE, PVDF, etc. available on request.
Sealing material FKM: 
– The seals are made of FKM.
– Seals made of other materials such as EPDM, FFKM or silicone are optionally available.
Process connections: DIN flanges, ANSI flanges, NPT, …:
– Various connection options for different process requirements.
Configurable for measurement of: EBC / TEF/ FTU /ppm /mg/l / g/l / …
– The measuring system can be calibrated to any application specific  measuring unit.