Oil in Water Measuring System Model FLUORImat


The Oil in Water Measuring System Model FLUORImat is used for continuous monitoring of water / condensate.
It detects oil contamination with high sensitivity.

Fluorescence principle:

Organic substances such as fats and oils are fluorescent.
When they are irradiated with UV light, they begin to glow.
Electronically excited molecules release energy and return to their ground state.
This process is known as fluorescence.
The emitted radiation has a longer wavelength than the radiation used for excitation.

Prinzip der UV- angeregten Fluoreszenz
Transmitter for Oil in Water Measurements Model C1
Oil in Water Monitor Modell FLUORImat
Oil in Water Measuring System


The model FLUORImat is used to monitor water for the presence of oil contaminations. It enables the early detection of oil ingress and leaks.
The aim is to prevent environmental and system damage.

Special features:

The sensitivity of the system is further increased by the detection of a reflection component of the UV light in addition to the fluorescence.
The fluorescence of oils and greases can be enhanced by tracers in order to get a bettr visibility .


Also the sensor can be installed directly in a pipe up to a nominal diameter of DN50.
For larger nominal diameters, it is recommended to measure in the bypass.
Process connections wetted materials and sealing materials can selected in accordance to the specific application requirements.